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Select Millwork 1-800-349-2056 OR 269-685-2646
Pricing is based on random lengths. Please call if specified lengths are required.

Step 1. Load Profile

To select a profile by profile type    

To load a specific profile or search for it, enter the 4 digit SM number or part of it here :
Do not enter the letters "SM" - ONLY THE NUMBER OR PART OF IT - SM 356 = 0356

Step 2. Select Species and put in lineal footage. No setup charge if lineal footage is over 100 feet.

Setup Charges may apply
  Instructions to estimate the cost of a profile you find here.
  1. Write down the rough thickness by width dimensions.
  2. Go to the S4S Pricing page.
  3. Put these dimensions in the quoter.
  4. Select species and lineal footage and press quote.
  5. If we do not have the knife for the selected profile its cost will also be passed to you.